20 Gift ideas for everyone on your list

Are you ever stumped on not knowing what to get for someone on their birthday? Whether it is your closest friends, your significant others, siblings or parents, we got you! Listed here are the top 20 things you can get for them that they will absolutely be grateful to get. These gifts will be categorized for men and for women.  

For Men 

Okay, we understand that it is not always the easiest to get guys something around their birthday. They never seem to ask for anything and always seem like they already have everything they want. But don’t worry, we got you! Whether it is your brother, father, or boyfriend, one of these gifts will be perfect for them.  

1. Gamdias Eros M2 Gaming Headset 

Price: 23,922 kyats 


If your man or brother is a gamer, spending his nights away playing computer games getting him a gaming headset might come in handy. These headsets give immersive audio experience and have multi-color breathing lighting making it very eye-catching. It is also compatible with PS4. 

2.Gamdias Achilles -E1L Gaming Chair (Red) 

Price: 207,324 kyats 


These chairs are not only comfortable but also well crafted. They even bend up to 150 degrees! 

3.CF Comfort Leather Brown Belt  

Price: 19,000 kyats 


This classic belt is the right accessory for men to up their fashion game! Pair it with a pair of jeans or Black pants, they are sure to look nice and trendy.  

 4.Imperial Black Zip around wallet from Yangoods 

Price: 99,000 kyats 


If his wallet seems old and worn out, get him this. Made with vegan leather, this wallet looks very modern and trendy. This is also the perfect gift for your dad!  

5.Clip Pac Blue Jan Water Bottle 800 ml 

Price 4,300 kyats 


Everybody needs to drink water, and if you think your man is not getting enough water intake or using a lot of one-time use water bottles, opt for a reusable water bottle like this one! This will save money in the long run and will be a constant reminder to drink water.  

6.Airpod 2 

Price: 220,000 kyats 


Really a perfect no brainer gift! Airpods are very versatile, lightweight and super easy to use. So what are you waiting for? Grab them quick at Wai Yan Electronics! 

7.Remax RB-M28 portable waterproof wireless speaker 


Price:59,000 kyats 


As stated in the descriptions, not only are they wireless and portable, they are also waterproof! They come in three colors black, blue and green.

8.Gamdias Ares M1 Gaming Keyboard 

Price: 25,982 kyats 


Wow, what an actual steal! Not only are they very aesthetic with RGB lighting but very durable with a warranty for up to 12 months. 




Price: 20,900 kyats 


The classic gifts for any man of any age! These watches from anymart are not only affordable but sleek looking too! 


10. CF Comfort Men’s Hoodies – Black 



Price: 25,500 kyats 


Comfortable, made with 100% cotton fleece sweat fabric, these black hoodies are perfect for cool but not too cold wintery weather in Myanmar.  

For Women 

Gentlemen, if you are here, here are some of the cute ideas for your love ones. Usually, they want one of a few things: clothes, makeup, skincare or food. But you might not know what the different makeup brands are or which one are actually good. In this list, we will delve deeper into exact brands and products she would want.  

 1. Bella Eyeliner Artist Brush 001 Jet Black


Price: 3,350 kyats 


Eyeliner is always a hard expertise and makeup but this bella eyeliner makes it so easy to get that perfect winged eyeliner look! This eyeliner is waterproof, smudge proof and long lasting. 

 2. Sai Tint Tint Lip Tattoo 

 Price: 14,000 kyats 


Sai Tint Tint Lip Tattoo is so smudge proof that it will not transfer on to the mask you are wearing.  

 3. Kettle 

Price: 49,900 kyats 


If your girlfriend loves to drink any hot drink, maybe getting her a kettle is something you might have not considered. Whether it is for coffee or tea or just plain old hot water, getting a kettle will save time and energy.  

4. iPhone 11 pro max 1st copy cover 

Price: 17,000 kyats 


Of course, you can find a cover right for your phone and not necessarily an iphone 11 pro max, but it is always good to have a clear cover. A clear cover like this is perfect for those girls who love to try diys! 

5. Be Comfy Bean Bag (Large) in Navy Blue 


Price :175,000 kyats 


Who doesn’t want a bean bag in their room? These big ben bags are comfortable to lie on and are good for when you want to relax but not on your bed.  

6.Maybelline Colossal Waterproof Mascara 


Price: 16,600 kyats 


This is by far the best drugstore mascara out there. For over 10 years, Colossal continues to be a fan favorite mascara worldwide.  

 7. Moezy Thanakha Face Mask 

Price: 2,200 kyats 


Every girl needs to have a self-care day once in a while. This face mask, made with thanakha extracts, will brighten, soothe and cool your skin!

8.Kalayar Dusty Rose Boston Bag from Yangoods


Price: 79,900 kyats 


Made with vegan leather and cotton canvas, this bag from Yangoods is sure to turn some heads, regardless of where you take it out to. It’s also the perfect gift for your mom! 

9. Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Hazelnut T-30 375 Grams 



Price: 20,100 kyats 


Chocolates are always the go to gift when there is nothing else you can think of. Not only will your girl probably devour everything in a week but it will also keep her happy! 

10. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Pink 400ml 


Price: 9,050 kyats 


If your girl wears makeup, then she needs a way to take it off. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is a very gentle makeup remover and it is good for sensitive skin.   

No matter what you get for your significant other, friends or family, it is important to remember that they should be thoughtful presents that they would use. So, what do you think about the list? Grab these items before they are sold out and comment down below if you think there are things we are missing! 




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