Do’s & Don’ts for your Customer Service

How to create a meaningful connection with your customer? 11 tips on do’s and don’ts for your customer service.

Since empowering customers, excellent customer service is crucial. Good customer service can be the reason your business retains loyal customers that will refer your business to their friends and family. As a business, you would never want unhappy customers that will leave bad reviews and tell others that to never come to you. As times has changed because of Covid-19, most businesses are building an online presence through different channels.

Listed below will are some of the do’s and don’ts that your customer service team should know 

These are some of the Do’s of ecommerce customer service.  

Respect customers 

Everybody deserves basic respect regardless of status. It is important to build customer relationships to make them feel important. This should be done with sincerity and now just for show. Regardless of just replying to their messages or talking to them face to face, be as polite and as patient as you can. Give them your full attention. This will show that you care about making their buyer’s journey smooth, leaving them with a delightful experience.  

Stand out from your crowd using personalization 

Oftentimes customers are looking for a reliable answer or expecting you to be the expertise when buying the products. Being able to offer personalized online experience creates a memorable customer service experience. Besides, lacking personalization can lead to cart abandonment. Providing a personalized and knowledgeable service can set you apart from other online businesses.   

Be honest 

Be honest with your own products. Do not give false promises. If your product doesn’t have certain features that the customers want, tell them upfront instead of lying about them. Trust is needed to build a healthy customer relationship. Lying to them will break their trust with the brand, causing them to be upset and unhappy enough to tell others about their awful experience with your product.  

Be accountable 

Sometimes the customers may be upset at something that may or may not even be your fault. Know to say sorry for the problems and negative experiences that customer may have with your brand’s products. You as a front-line representative need to sincerely apologize on behalf of your company. After apologizing, be sure to fix the problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. By not being accountable for your business, you could lose potential loyal customers.  

Express gratitude  

Saying “Thank you” to those that support your businesses doesn’t take much effort but it does change the opinions of your customers. It will show that you are grateful that they chose your product over others and will make them feel important. Thank them for using your products, or giving feedback. This will help you retain those loyal customers.  

Improve your response time 

Respond as quick as possible. If you don’t have a person that can respond quick, having a chatbot may help. However, make sure your chatbot is designed to give useful responses until a real person can respond. Know what to say to make your customer feel better. Especially when doing ecommerce, quick responses are necessary. If you don’t respond as quickly as possible, your prospects may go to competitors. 

Real-time updates on delivery 

Although not exactly necessary, it is always good practice to tell your customer in advance when you are delivering your products to them. Telling them which day your product is getting delivered will help both you and your customer have a smoother transaction.   

Now these are some of the DON’TS of ecommerce customer service.  

Don’t be indifferent 

Being indifferent means that you don’t care about what the customers have to say. Customers may tell you things that can significantly improve your business, such as telling you somethings you did great and somethings you didn’t do so well. Therefore, if the customers don’t feel like they matter or are not being respected, it can cause your business to encounter a lot of problems. 

Don’t ignore customer feedback 

Always listen to what your customers have to say. The reason for the complaint is because they want your business to perform better. Therefore, be open-minded and take in the suggestions and feedback they may leave behind. This will show the customers that you care about what they will have to say. Also, make sure to check up on them later. Ask them if they enjoyed using your product or service or if there’s anything they would want to see improvements on.  

Don’t rush your responses 

Similar to being honest, if you as a customer service representative don’t know the solution to the question a customer is asking, tell them the truth. You shouldn’t rush to give a response as it could turn out to be a mistake ultimately making things worse. Therefore, if you aren’t the right authority to deliver the solution, ask someone with more authority. Tell your customer that you don’t know the solution yet and that once you do, you will contact them as soon as possible. 

Don’t overcomplicate things 

Although a lot of customers today may know more about technology, and seemed informed and experienced in general, customer service tools should still be easy and straightforward to use. Customers should have easy access to support at all times.   

With these tips, your customer service team would know to treat customers with more care than before. It doesn’t matter whether your customer service team is facing customers face to face or from a screen, remember these tips! Always listen to what the customers have to say. Make them feel important and wanted. This way they will refer their friends to your business.



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