Is facebook page enough for your business?

10 reasons  why you should have an eCommerce website even if you have a  Facebook  page 

In Myanmar, most eCommerce happens throughFacebook. Myanmar people tend to look for things to buy by searching  for certainwords in the  Facebook  search bar and hoping for the best.  

Although it seems like a good plan for most businesses to only have a  Facebookpage for their online retail presence due to the minimum investment required, there are setbacks to having just a  Facebook  page.

These are some of the problems customers face when looking for products onFacebook- 

Hard to find products without certain keywords 

For consumers, one big thing to note is when they need to type certain keywords to find results. For  instance, a consumer wants brand x clothing. If just a synonym like shirt or women wear is written, or it is misspelled, the chances of finding brand x clothing become  slim. This also applies to when consumers try to find products in certain languages like  English  instead of  Burmese. These are missed opportunities that selling on  Facebook  cannot tackle. 

Difficult to find picture related products

Also, if your  Facebook  retail pages only have pictures and no wording, consumers cannot find your product from search easily. So, they will try to rely on keywords and hope that some posts will have them. 

Tiring  to find certain products on  the pagebecause of repetitive posting 

One thing consumers are sure to have noticed,is that retail pages post a lot and are often repetitive. Therefore, if they would like to find something on the page from an earlier date (like a month ago), they will have to scroll back very far to find it. 

Slow customer service 

Sometimes, consumers have very simple questions to ask but these questions are not listed on theFacebookpage such as- 

  • How much is this product? 
  • Is the product still in stock? 
  • How much isthe delivery? 
  • Do you have xx products? 

 These are very simple yet tedious questions that sellers on  Facebook  have to face every day. Yet these questions are crucial forcustomers  to  know  immediately. Slow  service may mean that customers may look to another page to answer their questions. 

Lack of trust

Sometimes the pictures on the Facebook  page do not correspond to real life. This is especially true when buying makeup or fashion related products. The color on the pictures can be heavily edited to look good and inreality,it may not be as nice. This makes customers lose trust in a brand. 

These are some of the problems businesses and retail sellers deal with on a daily basis even from a customer’s perspective. 

Missed opportunities with shy customers and weird times customers have an inquiry 

Sometimes customers may be shy to ask questions about certain products and only buy if they already know everything they need. This means they may not ask questions at all so you wouldn’t know who your potential customers are.  

Also, sometimes prospects may have questions in the middle of the night and message businesses. Unless the business has a person answering messages 24/7, these midnight questions may be left unanswered for a long time. 

Hard to edit posts once posted

Facebook  business pages tend to repost the same pictures multiple times. This looks very spammy and makes it hard to scroll through the page. The reason for this is maybe because it is so hard to edit posts.  

Sometimes, from a post of 100 pictures maybe a few are sold out and business owners might want to change the prices but sadly it is not possible to edit.Thus,  business owners have to repost with little  to  few changes.This maybe very time consuming.

Shop naming is crucial

Customers tend to find certain keywords like ‘Japan’ or ‘America’ to find products made in these countries. If you sell these products and have a shop name like ‘Japanese snacks and skincare’ then it is easier to find your shop than compared to a shop like ‘Tun Linonline shopping’. 

Difficult to measure sales and marketing efforts

When creating a  Facebook  ad, you can never be sure about the exact number of engagements and if they are actually needed for actual sales. You also have to track each individual  sale  from messenger onto an excel sheet or on an accounting book manually.

Slow ROI (return-on-investments)

Although setting up a Facebook page requires less resources, social media its self can be hard to create an online buzz especially without proper strategy. Not only do you have to put in time, effort and money to make it work, you also need to post on a regular basis to maintain it. If your business does not know your buyer persona well, it will be hard to create an excitement and convert them into customers. Hence, unless your business has proper strategy, social media marketing alone may have very low ROI. 

So, how can we fix this problem? 

You can havea websitepage  linked to your  Facebookpage.

As much as it is inexpensive to just  have a  Facebookpage selling products, it can be inefficient and time consuming. To tackle all these problems,  you could have an eCommerce website link instead. 

Having an eCommerce website means that you can have centralized inventory, track sales reports, conduct multiple orders and offer payment options 

You can diversify the many ways to reach new customers and you can attract customers through a google search when you have an eCommerce website. With an eCommerce website, you no longer have to deal with answering tedious questions as a chatbot can answer them for you. It is also easier to track sales and there is no need for repetitive posting to show that you aren’t out of stockofa certain product.


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