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20 Gift ideas for everyone on your list

Are you ever stumped on not knowing what to get for someone on their birthday? Whether it is your closest friends, your significant others, siblings

Do’s & Don’ts for your Customer Service

As you all know customer service is a make or break for your brand. So how do you set yourself apart from other online businesses and provide your shoppers with added convenience and peace of mind?
Here are some of our Do’s and Dont’s to create a meaningful connection for your customer service and stand out from the crowd.

Is facebook page enough for your business?

In Myanmar, most eCommerce happens through Facebook. Myanmar people tend to look for things to buy by searching  for certain words in the  Facebook  search bar and hoping for the best.  
Although it seems like a good plan for most businesses to only have a  Facebook page for their online retail presence due to the minimum investment required, there are setbacks to having just a  Facebook  page.

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How to set up your eCommerce within 30 days

Are you looking to start growing your business with eCommerce? fastforward is sharing a complete guide on how you can build a successful eCommerce website.

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5 signs your business needs an eCommerce

You are not seeing enough growth in your business. Our experts have gathered undeniable signs that your business is ready to start selling your own eCommerce

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