Protecting your brand during the time of Covid-19

How can you strengthen your brand during times of uncertainty?

The COVID-19 panic has led companies to rethink their business operations. A lot has changed since then and there are new opportunities that have come around when it comes to your business and marketing activities. Digital marketing is now more important than ever as many people are self-isolating and hungry for content.  

In this blog we have gathered insights, hoping that you would give time to pause and consider on how you can do to keep building your brand, protecting the business and honoring the core values of the brand. 

01. Where are we? What is being affected?

As events around the world get canceled or postponed, brands need to think about how to bring all the important elements of experiential marketing online. With the current climate, brands can’t just keep up their planned campaigns with their standard since everyone is maintaining social distancing. 

02. What does this mean for brands? 

Brands will need to rethink their approach to their pipeline to maintain normality in this moment. Lacking the marketing strategies can cause hindrance to your survival especially concerning with customer relations. When other businesses are closing down or pressuring to halt their marketing activities, now is the time for you to do more. Consumers, especially in these sensitive moments of self-distancing, crave for more human interaction. Online marketing has never before been so valuable in reaching out and communicating your prospective market. You may also like to ask yourself these questions on how your brand’s marketing tasks can be executed in the following months to ensure maximum trading possibilities.  

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03.Immediate Actions? What can be done right now? 

Companies would be wise to stick to long-term marketing strategies that work. Remaining consistent, and making small adaptations to long-term marketing strategy is no easy task, however. Here are some of the tips we have gathered to help you navigate your brand during this pandemic and help you come out stronger on the other side of this crisis.   

Tip #1: Cut with scalpel, not with a chain saw

This is a time for business to stay lean and look for ways to reserve some cash. However, thinking of dropping your marketing spending’s or cutting it out entirely is probably not the right way to go. “Have to make marketing cuts? Don’t use a sledgehammer, use a scalpel. Otherwise, you could cut revenue-generating channels. Instead, we should be analyzing all your marketing channels, what are their lifelines and opportunities that can bring you positive ROI. Understanding your data and spending on the right parts can bring you distinct advantages at this time of uncertainty. Because in a recession, going on gut and cutting with a chainsaw can cost you in ways you can’t easily bounce back from. 

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Tip #2: Invest now for the second and third waves for the future

It is unlikely that things are going to return to just the way they were before the pandemic – so make sure you’re preparing for the new normal. Because we all are at the point where we’re transitioning our normal routine life online. It’s becoming our new day. Research and redefine on what the pandemic means for customer long-term. Because after this crisis we will be reaching the “New normal”. Strengthening your brand proposition and being able to serve them better over the course of these phase allow your brand to outplay than the competitors who delayed until the pandemic ended. 

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Tip#3: Read the room 

People are paying attention online like never before. This crisis demands that we rapidly expand our empathy by creating content that helps other people whether it is in a big way or small way. So, it’s important to be mindful of the situation and read the room.

How to read the room?

It is important to understand three things: 

  • Your audience
  • Your company’s positioning-what painful problem they solve, why your solutions is superior and how it contrasts to other. 
  • How and where to message your #2 to #1 

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