Myint Myint Khin

Myint Myint Khin is well established as one of the most beloved Burmese traditional snacks manufacturer and a must-stop shop for anyone visiting Mandalay. Ranging from biscuits to Burmese Cream Butter Htou Moun, Myint Myint Khin offers over 100 variety of snacks and delicacies to choose from. Myint Myint Khin is one of the brand with a specialty for traditional snacks that have a  long lasting tradition in Myanmar. 

Myint Myint Khin Online Store by fastforward

Creating a Digital Store for
a long standing family business

The Ask

As the Covid pandemic brought the inability to engage with customers in physical stores, Myint Myint Khin decided to overcome this situation by bringing the stores online through eCommerce.
Myint Myint Khin wanted to take opportunity of the current situation by implementing a new sales channel in order to generate online sales as well as increase people’s awareness of Myint Myint Khin.

Our Approach

Having over 100 different types of menu, fastforward provided Myint Myint Khin with a user friendly eCommerce website that was able to showcase all the products with alluring pictures as well as being able to handle a large quantity of orders at a time.

To drive brand awareness and objectives between its audiences, fastforward included “Our Story” and “Our Impact” sections in the website to help connect Myint Myint Khin ‘s history and objectives with its customers online. Another attribute of the website is adding a powerful inventory and management dashboard to help the uploading and updating of products to be done with ease and little tech-knowhow.

Myint Myint Khin Catalogue

The Result

Digitizing Myint Myint Khin Myanmar Snacks


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